Keep in mind that you are looking to balance performance and visual clarity with these settings. This makes it extremely difficult to find that sweet spot where the sensitivity is high enough that you have mobility but low enough so that you can remain accurate throughout the long time to kill of Apex Legends. There’s no special trick to inversion; you decide what works best for your playstyle. The following settings are based on averages from Team SoloMid, NRG Esports, and Team Liquid. Keep this setting low to save some frames. Trigger dead zones are something most people aren’t going to want to set. Some think this originated with Titanfall’s exclusivity to the Xbox. Turn off for best results. Simply type in your Fortnite sensitivity setting in on the left, and the Apex equivalent appears on the right-hand side. Liquid Nocturnal DPI 800 Sens 1.5 ADS 1.3 FOV 110. Kody's loved playing games since he picked up his first Gameboy all those years ago and has kept up with the industry ever since. If you’ve been a Fornite player who is either curious about Apex: Legends, or enjoy playing both, but you’re having trouble making a transition between the two, there is a handy program available to help with just that. Thanks to the limited sensitivity settings on PC, any in-game alterations on console — e.g., the PS4 or Xbox One — should give you a similar edge. The slightest movement could completely take your aim of your enemy resulting in inaccuracy. Experiment between 95 (for greater focus) and 110 (wider peripheral) to see what clicks.

While equipment and playtime are both important, other steps can be taken to ensure that you’re competing at your full potential. For Apex Legends gamers who use 800 DPI or lower, these are the best mouse sensitivity, ADS multiplier, mouse acceleration, and mouse invert settings: For Apex Legends gamers who use 1000 DPI or Greater, these are the best mouse sensitivity, ADS multiplier, mouse acceleration, and mouse invert settings: It is important to note that finding your best Apex Legends sensitivity setting is not a simple task. Disclosure: We may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you via the product links on this site. It’s also challenging to find many solid alternatives, due to Sony’s walled garden approach to gaming, meaning the OEM peripheral is likely your best option. Instead, everything is set to the ADS setting. Mouse Invert: Off. ADS Multiplier: .8-1. Apex requires more accurate response time rather than breakneck sensitivity.

TSM ImperialHal. An ergonomic mouse with a good sensor can drastically improve your accuracy. It also gives you one less thing to worry about when trying to learn a new map or grapple with other unfamiliar or sudden changes in battle.

In Command-Line Arguments insert +fps_maxunlimited 6. The only major drawback to keep in mind is that the Wolverine is a wired controller, which is an odd choice for console gaming.

Our sens converter will do the rest. I'm not entirely sure on how the fov affects ADS but as far a I know, FOV doesn't affect hipfire. One thing to note is that ADS is not 1 to 1 with hip fire targeting. Train Your Aim. With Aiming.Pro. The best thing about the Logitech G Pro X isn’t just its rich sound; it’s also wonderfully affordable! fortnite to apex legends sensitivity, Create an free embeddable, mobile-friendly calculator using a single Javascript function, Overwatch Zoom Sensitivity Calculator Full Screen, Growtopia Experience & Level Calculator Full Screen, CS:GO to Apex Legends Sensitivity Calculator. The following two sliders, Turning extra Yaw and Turning extra Pitch are going to be set very similar to the two mentioned above. Vibration settings come down to personal preference. You can use my calc to see the magnifications of every scope, which also depends on the base fov. This is because a higher DPI decreases your margin of error when aiming. Here are the best controller settings for most Apex players today. This is a bit higher than other shooters and will take some adjustments to find what fits best. The battle royale title even had enough momentum to challenge Fortnite for a short while, before dropping behind a few months after release. This will dictate the speed in which the game registers the movement of a player’s crosshair in response to the movements of the thumbstick. You can copy the settings of well-known gamers such as Shroud and Ninja, but just because those settings work for them doesn’t mean that they will work for you. Interestingly enough, Apex is one of those titles where many pros find greater success with a controller. To find your sweet spot, start by setting ADS to 1.0 and test up to 1.5 to see what feels most natural and accurate. If left on, any optimizations made will provide substantially smaller improvements and limit your ability to recoup frames (though they will still help). However, the accuracy gained when aiming down sites while in combat is well worth it.

Terms and Conditions. Remember that the best way to optimize is focusing on a balance of visual clarity and performance. Choose 3-D for more obvious directional visual cues when taking damage. The response curve relates to the movement of the stick in relation to the on-screen reticle movement. Your aim button should be set to hold. Since the days of gaming with a controller on a PC, the argument has been whether aim assist is good or bad for the game. While it may look like your standard gaming mouse, the Logitech G305 packs a great deal of power and performance under the surface. Again, greater accuracy trumps movement … Doing so will lead to greater on-screen fluidity and minimal latency. And if need be, increase it gradually till you find a DPI sensitivity setting that is right for you. The game internally scales the sensitivity for zoom by the change in magnification, before using the user's zoom sensitivity multiplier. Fortnite to Apex Legends Sensitivity Calculator. A higher DPI sensitivity will make your aim less accurate and precise when hip firing or aiming down sites. While some controllers offer bonus features, such as paddles, and there are different controller techniques, like claw, we’re going to be focusing on what works for a standard controller with a regular technique. Choose holding to move between hip firing and aiming down sights more quickly. The remaining settings in ALC can all be slid completely off since they aren’t going to be important unless you need to suit a specific style. To mitigate the time it takes to make that switch and to give newer players an advantage there is a calculator online that can help you have the same mouse sensitivity in both games. ADS Pitch Speed is another setting you won’t want to have too high. This can be a daunting thing to overcome and keep your kill/death ratio intact. Instead, everything is set to the ADS setting. You can match your mouse sensitivity between Apex Legends and another game by entering your in-game sensitivity above and choosing a target game. Menu cursor speed isn’t that important, so feel free to leave that how it is. These settings add detail to shadow effects, but they’re also a significant drain on performance. Mouse Acceleration: Off. About Our sens converter will do the rest. Again, find what’s comfortable for you, but you’re going to want to have it as high as possible. This will assist you with checking your surroundings while jumping, something that just isn’t possible with the regular button layout. Rag dolling of dead enemies may be a funny sight, but it doesn’t improve your gameplay. Also, if you want to improve your aim in Apex Legends, try out the free Aiming.Pro Aim trainer. Avoid disruption by minimizing the sprint view shake.

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